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Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

Professionalism, ethics and CARE for each detail
Every day each one of us “takes the responsibility” choosing to appreciate and love the Earth neglect the care for it and the balance in the nature. In our business we in Global Audit Services apply the newest tendencies and practices, so that we meet even the strictest requirements in the field of audit and consulting. That is the way how we take care for the prosperity and success of our clients. Similarly, the responsibility towards the nature is extremely important for us! Therefore, we endeavor to create habits that would support the environment and to apply the newest technologies in this sphere. This makes us happy and gives us power, joy, inspiration and impulse.
We believe that every modern and successful business should be “green:, so we already apply some “green” practices in our everyday work:

We save energy!

  • All members of our team turn off their computers in the end of the working day
  • We try to use the air-conditioning in the office as little as possible
  • All windows and walls in the office are thermo-isolated

We reduce the quantities of garbage and plastic materials

  • We do not use plastic cups or paper towels

We save paper!

  • We encourage everybody in the office to print working materials only in case they could not be read on the monitor
  • We try to always use both sides of the paper
  • We use the internet for our correspondence
  • A very big part of the pieces of art in our office are painted on recycled paper


  • We encourage our team to walk or cycle to work. That is why we have a shower in the office
  • We provide everybody with monthly cards for the public transportation

We create “green”!

  • Each spring we plant at least one tree or flower
  • We take care of the green areas around our houses and also next to the office


  • We try to have more and more positive emotions – love, tenderness, care and gratefulness
  • We believe that in this way we contribute for the stability on the Earth
Naturally, we recognize that this is only a small part of all that each of us should do in order to save and protect the environment on the Earth. We would be happy if you share your ideas and experiences in the development of “green habits”. Let’s support the nature together!