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Terms of use

Terms of Use

Entering the website of "Global Audit Services" Ltd. you have to accept the terms & conditions provided below. Otherwise you will not be entitled to use these pages.

Site content

The content of the web pages of "Global Audit Services" Ltd. is copyright protected. All rights even if not expressly mentioned here, are reserved. Copying, delivery, circulation and keeping of any part or the whole content in any form without the prior written consent of "Global Audit Services" Ltd. is forbidden, except in the cases when this does not contradict the terms & conditions herein stipulated.

Accuracy and authenticity of the information

"Global Audit Services" Ltd. undertakes to take all and any reasonable measures to publish safe and high quality information on its pages. However, we should warn all visitors and users of the site that it is possible for some errors or omissions or delays in the data updating to appear on the site for which "Global Audit Services" Ltd. shall bear no responsibility.

Copyright protection

"Global Audit Services" Ltd. is exclusive owner of the idea and realization of the site and all applications and modules of the site are solely owned by "Global Audit Services" Ltd.. Copying of any text or graphics from this site will be prosecuted with the full force of the law!

Links to other web pages and sites

In order to facilitate your access, "Global Audit Services" Ltd. may set up links to Internet sites owned or managed by third parties. The web pages of www.globalauditservices.com may contain banners or text links to external pages for which other persons are responsible. Although we manage the sites we provide, we waiver any responsibility for the information published and displayed on their pages.

Forbidden and inadmissible use

While using this site you undertake not to use the data, information or photos, as well as any of the other materials owned by "Global Audit Services" Ltd. or its partners, for any actions or purposes forbidden by the law or conflicting the present terms & conditions.

Modifications to the rules and conditions on using the site

"Global Audit Services" Ltd. reserves the right to modify these rules at any time without prior notice. It is desirable that you check this page for any corrections or additions on a regular basis. The modifications introduced will come into force as from the moment they are published on the site. This agreement between "Global Audit Services" Ltd. and the visitors of the site shall apply until any of the parties cancels it. You can cancel it by discontinuing using and accessing the website of "Global Audit Services" Ltd. and destroying the materials you have downloaded, printed or kept in any other manner.

Your agreement to the rules and conditions on using the site

By visiting the web pages of "Global Audit Services" Ltd. we assume that you agree with our rules and conditions on using the site. If you do not agree with them, please do not use this site, the services and modules provided by it. We have created these rules and principles with the sole purpose of protecting you and ensuring safe, pleasant and useful minutes for you while visiting our corporate website.

What happens with your personal data?

Upon registration at the site of "Global Audit Services" Ltd. (for issuance of a new club card or change of the data in an existing one) the users are required to provide personal data such as name, Civil ID No., ID card No., e-mail, etc. They will be used for the purposes of the site and "Global Audit Services" Ltd. only and will not be disclosed in any form whatever to any third parties. By your further presence and use of our website we assume that you accept the parameters of the present statement.