Tax and legal services

Tax services

The tax advisory services we offer include conculting of clients with regard to personal and corporate income tax, value added tax, as well as problems related to the international taxation, private problems of the client and optimization of the human capital. Some of the services related to the tax legislation and the tax effect of various transactions are the following:
  • Statements on tax cases related to all tax laws.
  • Tax solutions for complex transactions and transformation of organizations.
  • Tax planning of corporate and personal tax.
  • Preparation of appeals in case of tax acts.
  • Appeal of tax acts.
  • Tax defense in case of tax audit.
  • Examination of the tax condition and for compliance with the tax legislation.
We, the advisors at "Global Audit Services" Ltd help our clients to respond to the always increasing complexity of the global operations in an environment of dynamically changing legislation and culture. Our solid experience, professionalism and excellent relations with the tax authorities are the key to the good quality and result of the tax services we offer.